Have you ever had a stressful day at home? Does it get incredibly overwhelming at work sometimes? Do you feel depressed and confused about which direction to take next in your life?

Welcome to Solace.

Finding answers can be challenging when we have so many things going on at once! From time to time we all can feel stressed over family matters, overwhelmed with bills, depressed from another failed relationship, anxious over a new job or upset about everything in life in general.

Jason Lee, creator of Solace and author of the upcoming book Living with the Dragonis dedicated to explore your relationship with your inner health. Based out in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jason can help you create some space to support your needs to get you back on track. Specializing in Childhood Abuse, Bullying, Emotional Abuse in Relationships and Mental Health, Jason will provide you with a relatable and comforting environment to share your experiences in. Like others he’s helped, he will guide you to discover your hidden strengths to navigate your way through life’s challenges towards a more fulfilling and healthier life.

Solace – Your inner health, one moment at at time.


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About Jason Lee

Jason Lee is the author of the upcoming book Living with the Dragon – healing 15 000 days of abuse and shame. He is also a Speaker, Group Facilitator and Collaborator specializing in Childhood Abuse, Bullying, Emotional Abuse and Mental Health. His lived experience provides him with deep insight and knowledge to skillfully help people who want to take the next steps towards healing. Jason has helped others move forward from their challenges and to learn how to take accountability for their lives. He is compassionate with his approach and driven to inspire and empower people to see their true potential.

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