The Search for the Positive

the Search for Balance

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This post is aimed at helping you through struggles.  Not of the external variety such as financial stress or interpersonal problems, but targeting those struggles that reside within our own minds.  This is about the way that we see and interpret the events that are happening around us.  The manifestations of these struggles may be as mild as being in a bad mood or a bit grumpy for a small spell all the way to a full-blown depression that lasts for months on end.  While these endpoints are quite different, the same process underlies both results.

On a surface level, you are likely familiar with what this discusses.  People may have told you to “search for the silver lining”.  Others may have attempted to encourage you by saying that “things are not as bad as they may seem.”  Heck, even Monty Python told you to “Always look on the…

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A great post by “Rob talks mental health” – He identifies symptoms of anxiety and takes care of them.

Following on from last week’s post – 5 Situations that Trigger my Anxiety – I thought I’d talk about the steps I take to manage my anxiety when it does hit me… 1: Identify Triggering Thoughts The first step I take is to recognise when I’m having triggering anxious thoughts. These are thoughts which I’ve [...]

Butternut Squash Taco Recipe: Cooking Therapy for Mental Health

A great story and beautiful pictures by Beverly Blaine – what an inspiration!

Slay Girl Society

Do you have a go-to restaurant where you frequent when you just don’t have the spoons (more on spoon theory here) or the energy or right mental health state to cook a meal? Mine is a local Toronto chain that is amazing. Fresh. They have delicious vegan and vegetarian food. I honestly go there a few times a month because it is right down the street and I enjoy it so much. I usually order the exact same dish each time – the squash tacos. There is something about the textures and flavours that is just so appealing and that I crave constantly. It’s one of my comfort foods. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about going to eat some but also considering that I needed to eat out less for financial reasons. I thought – what if I could recreate the squash tacos on my own? This past…

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