About me

“I’m a believer that there’s a greater good to be learned in our journey otherwise life would just be too literal and I’m not quite willing to accept that!”

Hi there!

I’m Jason and I’m based out in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and perhaps one of the most spectacular places to live in the entire world. I’m surrounded by mountains, beautiful people, plenty of greenery and lots of water! I’ve traveled all over the world including Denmark, Rotterdam, Paris, London, all over the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other wonderful places but Vancouver is home to me.

I created Solace to find a way to reach out to all the great people in the world who sometimes might be having some personal challenges at home or at work, with their boyfriends or girlfriends or maybe their kids. We all have personal challenges from time to time…trust me, I’m one of them and boy, do I have some stories I’ll be sharing with you! Read my first blog to get a clearer picture of how this all started.

Change is inevitable and necessary, yet can be frightening and daunting. I found out the hard way that without change, it makes things a lot harder to learn and grow. I am an adult survivor of child abuse and bullying and have been in relationships before where I found myself terribly unhealthy from a mental state, battling depression, anger and anxiety. Finding professional support and getting a clearer self-understanding became starting points for a healthier life. All this became part of my inspiration for creating Solace along with my passion to write.

I’m really excited about Solace and what my experiences can do to help others who are finding that life is sometimes too complicated and busy inside.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my son, getting together with good friends, exercising regularly and self-improvement. One of my personal goals is to someday travel to Japan and devour endless bowls of ramen with my son who is my best friend and the love of my life! I would also love to visit Iceland, Ireland, South Dakota and New York to experience the beauty that I’ve only been able to admire through pictures.

I am also the author of the upcoming book, “Living with the Dragon, healing 15 000 days of abuse and shame” which will be published in 2017. It’s a book that details my struggles with abuse and anger and how I managed to reshape and empower myself for a healthier life.

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have questions or comments please feel free to drop me a note by Contacting Me.

So grab a beverage of your choice, pull up a chair and happy reading!


Jason – Creator of Solace

Photo courtesy of Kristi MacFarlane Photography