About Solace


Welcome to Solace!

Solace…it’s a such a beautiful word. We can all use some comfort or solace throughout our hectic schedules.

Finding solace can be difficult when we have so many things going on in our lives. From time to time we all can feel stressed over family matters, overwhelmed with bills, depressed from another failed relationship, upset with everything in life or maybe anxious over a new job. Regardless of what’s troubling us, what we can use most is a comforting voice to sit beside us with compassion and understanding.

Solace is a project dedicated to exploring our relationship with our inner health. Based out in Vancouver, British ColumbiaSolace focuses on creating a space to support each other by sharing dialogue about topics that are inspirational and thought-provoking or perhaps sensitive and difficult to talk about.

One of my goals is to build a platform for inner health where people can easily relate to. At the end of the day, I’m just an everyday person going through life just like you. In the past few years I’ve been learning more about myself and looking for healthier ways to manage through my daily challenges. I will take you through my relationship with my inner health in the form of personal stories about my days filled with happiness, joy and inspiration to my days that are filled with depression, abuse and anger and how I continue to reshape my challenges into successes.

I will also share selected stories from inspiring writers, links and helpful resources to illustrate that we all have inner health struggles from time to time regardless of gender, race or age and to remind ourselves that it’s perfectly OK and that we are not alone.

My first blog, titled Mind ourselves gives you a backstory on how this all started and you can read more about me as well.

Also visit my Meetup Group called Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse which is a group of compassionate individuals coming together to find healing from their abusive childhoods.

My Mission:

We need to get to the point when we no longer need to be “brave” to talk about our inner health, our feelings and emotions whether it’s about sadness, distress and even happiness. We also need to be able to acknowledge our past struggles and move forward by finding the support to heal. The guy at the bar, the lady filling up her car at the gas station, the teenage boys playing basketball…we all need to feel that it’s safe and OK to talk about inner health without feeling stigmatized for sharing our vulnerabilities.

Thank you for dropping by and let’s find solace together.

Jason – Creator of Solace and author of Living with the Dragon.

Photo by Kristi MacFarlane Photography