Living with the Dragon


Cover“Living with the Dragon, healing 15 000 days of abuse and shame” is an upcoming memoir and self-help book that details my life growing up in an abusive home, my days getting bullied at school and my adult years living with depression, anxiety and anger. My healing journey began one fateful evening after my acknowledgement of my abusive behaviours and recognition of my past. The courageous and inspirational story will compel and inspire readers, especially those looking to change their lives by healing their past wounds to lead a positive life.

The dragon in Chinese mythology is a mystical creature that symbolizes a fiery, fierce and raging personality which is often times revered in Chinese beliefs and values. As the author of the book I challenge those beliefs and reshape them into new ones filled with love, compassion and understanding.

The book is targeted for release in 2017 and will be available as soft cover and e-book.

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Jason Lee, author of Living with the Dragon.

Photo by Kristi MacFarlane Photography