Butternut Squash Taco Recipe: Cooking Therapy for Mental Health

A great story and beautiful pictures by Beverly Blaine – what an inspiration!

Slay Girl Society

Do you have a go-to restaurant where you frequent when you just don’t have the spoons (more on spoon theory here) or the energy or right mental health state to cook a meal? Mine is a local Toronto chain that is amazing. Fresh. They have delicious vegan and vegetarian food. I honestly go there a few times a month because it is right down the street and I enjoy it so much. I usually order the exact same dish each time – the squash tacos. There is something about the textures and flavours that is just so appealing and that I crave constantly. It’s one of my comfort foods. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about going to eat some but also considering that I needed to eat out less for financial reasons. I thought – what if I could recreate the squash tacos on my own? This past…

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When to say no to Ice Cream Floats and a Lesson in Listening to your Pain.

I should have listened to my stomach... I had a bit of a stomach ache tonight, but I still insisted on having this sweet and delicious root beer float after dinner. That rich vanilla taste melting together with the root beer is purely bliss. How could I resist? Sip after sip, spoonful after spoonful I [...]